Student Hostel

There are many operators who operate student hostels instead. These student hostels cater mainly to the more mature students who are studying in the tertiary institutions like Polytechnics and Universtities. Majority of these students in the student hostels are above 17 years old and can better care for themselves and therefore do not need full board student services. Also, in these student hostels, usually they accommodate large number of students which sometimes can be quite distracting for study.

Student hostels usually accommodate a large group of students


However, as opposed to students in hostels who tend to be 17 years or older, students in our student homestay are younger, ranging from 13 to 16 years old. These younger students tend to need more personal care and guidance. In our student homestay, we only accommodate a small number of students, unlike student hostel who tend to take in 50 students of more. By limiting the number of students to much smaller group, we can pay more attention and better guidance to each student. Unlike student hostels, our student homestay provide full board services like meals, laundry, room cleaning, counselling and guardianship required by younger students. By providing full board services, students can devote more time in their studies and can achieve better study results.

We only take in a small group of students.
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