Student Services

In our student homestay, we provide the following student services

1    Daily Meals       We provide nutritious and tasty meals tstudents, so that students can receive good nutrition for a healthy body and active mind.

We provide delicious meals in our student homestay


2   High speed wifi        We provide high speed wifi in our student homestay. Students can enjoy their internet experience.

We provide high speed wifi in our student homestay


Fully air condition bedrooms    All our bedrooms are fully airconditioned to provide a comfortable environment for students to rest, relax and study.

All our bedrooms are fully airconditioned


4    Room cleaning           All bedrooms are cleaned daily so that our student homestay is always kept in a clean and hygienic state and students feel comfortable and can concentrate better on their studies.

Bedrooms are cleaned daily.


5    Daily laundry       Student’s laundry are washed daily, ironed and delivered back to the student’s bedroom. This is especially important so that students can have clean clothing and uniform to wear daily.

Laundry are washed daily.


  1.   Other Services

6.1       Airport transfer     For parents who are busy and students who are not familiar with Singapore, we can provide airport transfer to our student homestay.

6.2   Transport to MRT station    In the morning, we provide transport to students who need fast and convenient transport to reach the MRT station, so that students can commute to their school on time.

6.3      Apply for student pass       If required, we can assist to apply for student pass on behalf of our students including being their sponsor during their stay in Singapore.


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